assign 5

assign 5

Media is vessel of transmitting information,which may be divided into contemporary and modern.These types can be explained as the  communication by an analogue and digital platform technology,example of analogue are the print,radio and television.The digital platform utilizes modern gadgets like tablets,mobile phones and the social media (Chia and Synnotte  2012). Ownership of these platforms plays a role of shaping the  minds of viewers.These claims may be suggested that the viewers usage of the information received will make the impact.The use of different concept such as audience reception theory,which explains the way various age groups receive and interpret information may differ (Sturt Hall, David Morley,John Fiske).

Furthermore, other strategy by media to influence viewers thinking may include the use of agenda setting theory (McCombs and Shaw 1972). This strategy placing an opinion through reporting a particular issue(s) thereby convince interaction in public arena (Lazasfeld & Katz).The use of frame to guide the viewers decision through deliberate information on unique situation. The effective use of these concept will be based on  the ability to show that the information is reliable with  evidence,relevant to the  viewers and some times as  popularity due celebrity status of personality.


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